Ania Perkowska Anna Perkowska

Ania Perkowska is a London based ceramicist. She creates functional pieces inspired by contrasts and opposites. Working mainly in stoneware her techniques include organic textures, scrafitto and slip trailing.

She aspires to capture a sense of joy in handling of objects and transforming them into everyday art.

Ania is a member of Craft Potters Association and London Potters.

Exhibitions and Events:

  • Art in Clay Hatfield 2020
  • Celebrating Ceramics 2020
  • Spring Exhibition, Gallery Nine Bath, 2020
  • Art in Clay Farnham, 2019
  • “Lost Horizons” Exhibition, Studio Vault, 2019
  • Oxford Ceramics Fair 2019
  • Art in Clay Hatfield, 2019
  • Earth and Fire International Ceramics Fair 2019
  • Art in Clay Hatfield, 2018
  • Potfest in the Pens, 2018
  • Innovations in Ceramic Art Cambridge, 2018
  • Art in Clay Hatfield, 2017
  • Potfest in the Pens 2017

Ania Perkowska’s work is also available from number of galleries across UK and online.