ania perkowska ceramics


Ceramic artist Ania Perkowska
Photo by Allun Callender

Ania Perkowska is a London based ceramic artist. She creates functional pieces inspired by contrasts and opposites.

Growing up as a child in communist Poland, Ania’s life was underpinned by stark grey concrete structures.

Her work draws from the rawness, seeking beauty in simplicity of the form, tactility of the texture. She explores how limitations can inspire and release creativity, as well as the tension between surface and form, between the ordered and the organic. 

She uses geometric forms, minimalistic decoration and natural qualities of the materials, pushing the clay to its limits.  

From a distance, Ania’s work can appear quiet. It is only when one gets closer, when one touches and holds her pieces that they get to see the detail, feel the texture, experience the surfaces.

Above all, she aspires to capture a sense of joy in handling of objects and transforming them into everyday art.

Ania is a member of Contemporary Applied Arts, Design Nation and Craft Potters Association.

Ania Perkowska’s work is also available from number of galleries across UK and online.

Exhibitions and Events:

  • 2022
  • Contemporary Applied Arts London, New Maker Showcase
  • Oxford Ceramics Fair
  • Art in Clay Windsor
  • Celebrating Ceramics, Waterperry Gardens
  • Potfest Scotland
  • Potfest Compton Verney
  • “Featured Makers – Akiko Hirai & Ania Perkowska” Bevere Gallery
    • 2021
  • Art in Clay Farnham
  • Only Clay, Kelham Island Museum Sheffield
  • Oxford Ceramics Fair
  • Art in Clay Windsor (formerly Hatfield)
  • Celebrating Ceramics, Waterperry Gardens
  • Potfest Compton Verney
  • “A Natural Christmas” Exhibition Gallerytop, Matlock
    • 2020
  • A Festival of Ceramics, Devon
  • Art in Clay Hatfield
  • Celebrating Ceramics
  • “Spring Exhibition” Gallery Nine, Bath
    • 2019
  • Art in Clay Farnham
  • “Lost Horizons” Exhibition, Studio Vault
  • Oxford Ceramics Fair
  • Art in Clay Hatfield
  • Earth and Fire International Ceramics Fair, Welbeck
    • 2018
  • Art in Clay Haftield
  • Poftest in the Pens
  • Innovations in Ceramic Art, Cambridge
    • 2017
  • Art in Clay Hatfield
  • Potfest in the Pens