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In 2024 Ania founded Boso Studio in London. A pottery studio she designed for classes, courses and workshops.

Nestled within a charming Hackney Downs railway arch, Boso Studio is a unique and comfortable space to explore your creativity and connect with the joy of clay.

A Lifelong Love Affair with Clay

Ania’s fascination with pottery began during her trip to Japan. Before that, she was attending casual evening classes but it was in Japan that she felt like her eyes really opened to the endless possibilities ceramics can offer. This inspiration stayed with her ever since. Over the years, this fascination evolved into a dedicated pursuit. She honed her skills through number of various workshops, exploring different techniques and searching for her own voice.

Bringing the Magic of pottery classes to London

Driven by a desire to share the joy of pottery with others, Ania established Boso Studio. As a result, this studio isn’t just a space for learning; it’s Ania’s vision brought to life. Having taught at different studios, she’d often find crowded, busy, rushed environments and decided that this is where her studio will be different. Comfort, space and relaxed, inspiring format is what’s at the heart of Boso Studio.

More Than Just a Teacher

Ania isn’t just an instructor; she is an enthusiastic guide on your pottery journey and an established potter herself. She believes that pottery is accessible to everyone, and her classes are designed to foster joy, creativity, confidence, and a sense of community. Ania brings her own teaching style – patience, humour, technical expertise to each session.

Ania brings years of experience and expertise to every class, driven by passion for ceramics and desire to share her knowledge. Her infectious enthusiasm and patience create a welcoming environment where beginners and seasoned artists alike can thrive.

Join the Boso Studio Family

Ready to unleash your inner artist and explore the world of clay? We invite you to join the Boso Studio community. You’ll be amazed at what you can create!

Boso Studio was designed to create a spacious, comfortable and welcoming space that inspires you! We believe that pottery is more than just shaping clay or making things. It is an amazing journey of joy, self-discovery, mindful exploration and creative expression. It can be a life changing experience. Magic, that can start and happen just here!

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For more information and to book your class with Ania, please visit Boso Pottery Studio website