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shop handmade ceramics online

⁣ An exciting new venture is going live today!
Cambridge Ceramics is launching a unique online gallery, where you can purchase work directly from the potters. ⁣

Shop ceramics online from the selection of established studio pottery artists. Cambridge Ceramics features work of 35 makers. For instance Ali Tomlin, Daniel Boyle, Rachel Wood, Ruthanne Tudball. ⁣

brown stripy bowl by Ania Perkowska shop online for contemporary ceramics

The concept for Cambridge Ceramics Gallery is simple; the potter make the pots, photographs the pots and uploads them to the website. When they are sold, the potter ships the work directly to the customer. Cambridge Ceramics provides a fast, safe and secure platform, a small amount of marketing and a payment facility through PayPal.  

Cambridge Ceramics Gallery is the UK’s newest online gallery specialising in studio pottery and ceramic art. Cambridge Ceramics is not a gallery in the traditional sense, we don’t have bricks and mortar. The gallery is purely web-based. In addition, what makes it special is you buy a pot from the potter – from the artists’ studio direct to your home. There are no middlemen. Therefore the potter keeps the vast majority of the sale with just a small deduction for advertising and website maintenance.

Ceramics and pottery available to buy ranges from bowls, jugs, mugs and vases to sculptural pieces. There is a wide range of techniques and styles on display. Certainly something to fit everyone’s taste!

The potters are carefully selected to ensure high quality of work and to represent the best in current trends. Therefore you will find materials such as terracotta, porcelain. Techniques such as sgraffitto, raku and soda firing.

Above all, you are supporting independent makers, their skill and craft, rather than mass produced. Similarly, you’ll gain unique handmade objects crafted with love.


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