Akiko Hirai, Ania Perkowska

Akiko Hirai, Ania Perkowska

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February starts with an exciting show at Bevere Gallery in Worcester. Two ceramics makers: Akiko Hirai and Ania Perkowska. Each explore different approaches to surface and texture. As a result, the show presents how contrast and drama is obtained from a single material.

Akiko Hirai and Ania Perkowska Ceramics at Bevere Gallery
Akiko Hirai and Ania Perkowska Ceramics at Bevere Gallery

Akiko Hirai has confirmed popularity as one of the best-selling ceramicists in the UK. Importantly, this is confirmation of the distinctiveness and quality of her work.

Without doubt it is the very contemporary look which she brings to work. This look is clearly influenced by her Japanese heritage. Her creative voice is hers alone. She brings a very different perspective to her pot making.

Akiko’s pieces have great presence, even when she is producing modest scale work. Her pieces are always highly textural. Handling her work is a visual and tactile experience. Her work demonstrates that design and texture give as much pleasure as the highly decorative.

Her complex surfaces are worthy of study. There is nothing random or casual here. However, there is precision and balance in loose abstract construct.

Ania Perkowska is a new maker at Bevere whose work makes an immediate impact. She creates functional pieces inspired by contrasts and opposites. Working mainly in stoneware, her techniques include organic textures, sgrafitto and slip trailing.

Ania’s work draws from the rawness, seeking beauty in simplicity of the form, tactility of the texture. Above all, she explores how limitations can inspire and release creativity, the tension between the ordered and the organic. 

She is inspired by geometric forms, minimalistic decoration and natural qualities of the materials. Pushing the material to its limits and to express those formative, dynamic relationships between contrasts and opposites. 

In conclusion, from a distance, Ania’s work can appear quiet. But is only when one gets closer, when one touches and holds her pieces that they get to see the detail, feel the texture, experience the surfaces. 

Ania Perkowska Ceramics Moon vase
Moon Vase by Ania Perkowska, Photo Allun Callender

Bevere Gallery as one of the leading UK ceramic showcases. Not only in the eyes of our clients but also the significant number of ceramicists that we represent. The Gallery’s philosophy has remained a constant. Firstly, it is to demonstrate and promote high level skills in contemporary studio ceramics. Secondly, the range and diversity of making styles and support for emerging talent. Similarly, we also believe in setting work in the wider context of original prints and paintings.

Representing over 100 ceramicists places Bevere alongside the best of the UK’s galleries. Subsequently our exhibition schedules show that we continue to attract makers among the ceramic elite. Informality is also an essential element here. As a result, engaging with our visitors is important. They need to be able to ask about what is in front of them. In addition, to be able to gain insights into the creative process. Finally, Bevere Gallery has maintained its standards over the last fifteen years. Certainly it has taken the view that quality attracts visitors and sustains their interest.


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Situated north of Worcester, the Gallery is quickly accessible from the A449 and Junction 6 of the M5
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There is no admission charge. Our opening hours are 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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